Growing Up..

Growing up.

It takes a LOT to do, and sometimes we give so much JUST to do it… but it’s a necessity.

Can one REALLY grow from who they used to be? From doing what they used to do?
I think so, with one’s own timing. I believe that one would have to WANT to grow up, to change for the better, to change for progress.
So many of us went through the stage, once turning 18. You know that stage, that “I’m grown” stage. Only, yes LEGALLY we were of age, but we were NO WHERE near being “grown.” At that age is when so many mistakes are made, exploring is happening, we are still TRULY finding ourselves. Granted, people go through things, through experiences that force them to grow up but it is only in one aspect.
A kid with absent parents, teaching themselves how to cook, how to live, how to survive the best they know how. Yes, they have grown within themselves in survival, but what about mentally? What does this experience then do to the other area of the brain? How does such experience affect this person?
A single mom taking care of her child/children has been forced to do anything in her power to take care of, and make sure they have all they need. Some have even built that mentality of “us against the world,” or “I can do this by myself.” Same story goes..although she has grown somewhat by stepping up being able to care for her child/children, she in actuality, still has plenty of evolving and growing up to do.

It is our experiences that make us grow. Sometimes it takes something impactful to FORCE one to grow up. A turn of events, loss, and devastation… you realize what and who are important.



What is Pain?

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take it’s place.”

~Lance Armstrong


Have you ever been in a position to experience pain? Whether heartbreak, or broken bones.. pain PERIOD just hurts.


One thing for sure about pain, you’ll never forget what it felt it made you feel…because pain DEMANDS to be felt.
Everything always gets better with time, but it’s LIFE for something to trigger that harbored pain, or pain that has left. I’m at a point in my life now where I’m TIRED of the same pain to keep coming back, but how do you genuinely …. just.. LET GO?

You can put something so far back in your mind as you want, but the thought of reliving that pain always comes back. It may not hurt like it did when it happened, but it’s still there.

My mother passed away 10 years ago. That pain hurt like hell! I didn’t want to live on without her. As days went by, and life passed on, I didn’t need her as much.
I still get those days where I sit and think, and I remember everything as if it were yesterday. Just as yesterday, the pain is still there. The only difference is, I KNOW I’ll be okay.

So when it comes to something like heartbreak,
yes INDEED that hurts.
But with time, you’ll start to realize, you’ll be fine.
Start focusing on what’s important, what your plans are with your life, what it is that truly makes you happy.

Yes, you’ll revisit the pain, but with letting go, and turning your focus, just remember you will ALWAYS be okay.


“Who WERE You Before They Broke Your Heart?”

I have been HORRIBLE at keeping up to date with my blog site..and HAVE HAD THE NERVE to ask you to check it out! As I said in my Welcome Post, or have I? I’m new to this.. so as I build my following, and remember to post in a timely fashion, bear with me Beautiful People! I promise you won’t be upset..

So as I was scrolling through Social Media, I saw a post with the quote, “Who were you before they broke your heart?”

Well? Who were you?

We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that… And for anyone who says they’ve never been heartbroken…you’re lying.
If you haven’t experienced heartbreak yet, don’t’ll have your time.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish it on anyone, but the God honest truth is that it’s a part of life.
Heartbreak comes in many ways, and can come from different people.
For example:

A child finding out that her father has been having an affair.. HEARTBREAK
The loss of a loved one….HEARTBREAK
Seeing someone you love hurting beyond measure, and you don’t know how you can fix it…HEARTBREAK

The list goes on..

Although heartbreak is NOT the best feeling in the world, it is VERY necessary during growth.
Heartbreak for me has happened on more than one occasion, from multiple people and scenarios. That question makes you think..WHO WERE YOU? You can think about who you were before, but it’s after the heartbreak that you are changed.

As I picked up reading again today, I came across a message that moved me. Since it did something for me, maybe it will do the same for some of you out there experiencing heartbreak this very moment.
If you are like me, and are continuously working on finding yourself, and who you are in Him, I hope this message moves you too.
WE ARE NOT OUR fact the first thing God does with us is to grab our attention. He hits us with reality until we no longer care what becomes of us. This is all for the purpose of HIS redemption..
Through heartbreak, God opens up avenues of fellowship with HIS SON. Most of us drop and give up at the first sign of pain..we sit and relive, rethink, all that just happened and waste away in self-pity.

Why did this happen?

What have I done?

Why me?

Yes, God loves us all, but he’s NOT afraid to hurt us. Sometimes this is just a way for him to open you up, to say to you, “FOLLOW ME..GET UP…AND SHINE!”
The next time you feel heartbroken, keep in mind that it may be THROUGH a broken heart that God brings HIS purposes to pass in this world. So instead of wallowing in your heartbreak, and trying to understand why, look up and THANK GOD.

sunset hands love woman
To remain indifferent to the challenges we face is indefensible. If the goal is noble, whether or not it is realized within our lifetime is largely irrelevant. What we must do therefore is to strive and persevere and never give up. -Dalai Lama

Thank you Father for pulling me back and making me remember who I want to be in You! I am not normal, and I will NOT let go until you have blessed me!


The Journey Begins

Why Blog? Well….why not?

Writing has been a gateway for many people to escape, share creativity, release stress and emotion, a way to wear your feelings on a sleeve. I am a writer. I have never been great at speaking, whether in person about certain things, or publicly. It’s just never been my thing. BUT I can write a post for days, or a textbook text message…come on! I’m sure a lot of you know what those are, and probably spend about 45 minutes sometimes..standing in the same spot until your point is set, and you’ve expressed all you’ve needed to express. Yup! That’s me too.

But why am I here? Now THAT’S a good question. Unfortunately, I don’t have just ONE particular topic to write about, in fact..I probably have about a million and one.

I want this blog to represent Life..Love..and Passion. I’m here to share my experiences, stories, and any message that is meant to be shared. After all, that’s how I even learned about blogs. I too was seeking information, and ran into a blog or two that shared much needed advice that I just needed to hear. Just like many others out there, I’m on a journey trying to find my true self. What Melissa represents..and just like everyone else we all face trials and tribulations..mistakes that we grow from..confusion about where it is we want and need to be, what it is we want and need to be doing, and with whom we want and need to take our journeys with. No one is perfect, and neither is our decision making..but who says you HAVE to have it all together?

So, if you’re up for it…I’d like for you to come and sail away with me as I travel through every day life trying to find myself, my love, my passion..gaining peace, and spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and energy. TRUST I have many stories to tell, many many fails…but you’ll have to stick around to find out! REMEMBER…it’s NEVER too late..

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton